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Deal with changeable summer weather

Deal with changeable summer weather

Update Time:2019-07-09

The importance of air filters to your car is indescribable.If the air filter state not beautiful or not is in good condition, may the dust particles in the air into the combustion chamber, the piston is formed on the scratch, leading to premature engine wear, and even between the inlet and combustor path sensors such as electronic components will be damaged because of inadequate filtration, even be completely destroyed.

But summer weather is changeable, high temperature, hot sun, showers from time to time to attack, dry, wet alternate environment always test the air filter "stability" and "safety".But general air filter because origami is not fully pressure foam, filter material is not stable or impregnation process of inappropriate causes resistance to chemical stability and mechanical stability is bad, especially when heavy rain causes such as the water invasion of air filter, will lead to the air filter paper folding joint, leaking, reinforcing rib fracture damage, unable to maintain the stability of the filtering performance, which leads to insufficient intake seriously affect the engine performance.

Hengyou filter, which always insists on the quality of main engine, has good "wet stiffness". Special indentation technology ensures that it has good flapper stability and can maintain stable geometric shape even under high load conditions.And the filter paper after special chemical impregnation, waterproof performance is good, so hengyoubrand air filter in wet and humid environment still maintain high filtration performance!

Another summer test for air filters comes from their ability to retard in hot, dry conditions.Generally, air filters are not flame retardant due to the lack of impregnation treatment. When the filter element catches fire, it will immediately burn and continue to be exhausted. For example, cigarette ends easily roll in from the air inlet.All the air filters are impregnated with flame retardants to stop burning when the fire source is far away, so as to effectively protect vehicles from fire.

According to the quality standard of main engine, carefully select the filter material to ensure its excellent mechanical stability.Even in the dry, humid and changeable environment, it can also effectively filter the air entering the engine, which can not only achieve a good air-fuel ratio, but also protect the engine and its sensitive parts, so as to maintain the excellent performance of the engine for a long time and give the car owner better driving experience in the whole product life cycle.

Of course, every air filter has a certain lifetime, depending on how many miles you drive.Constant brand filter tips: in order to prevent the lack of air engine, you must regularly replace the air filter, especially in the dry, humid and changeable summer, but also to choose the quality of the host air filter, so as to ensure the safety of your travel!

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