• Air Filters
    Advantages our air filters offer you:
    Longer operational life | 100% leak-proof | Flame-retardant filter media | High-quality waterproofing | Maximum filter stability
    This allows the engine to breathe: HengYou quality air filters protect engines and electronic components by cleaning the intake air efficiently and reliably.
    The air filter is one of the most important filters in both gasoline and diesel engines. Depending on performance levels, a commercial vehicle engine draws up to 2,400 m³ of air per hour, with a particle content of up to 50 mg/m³. HengYouquality filters permanently remove foreign particles from intake air and maintain safe and long-lasting engine performance. In addition, they ensure optimum fuel-air mixture levels and thus ensure the best possible combustion.
  • Cabin Filters
    Advantages our cabin filters offer you:
    Healthy air in vehicle interiors | Consistent filtration performance | Prevents the build-up of condensation | Minimizes bad odors | Quick and easy installation
    An ideal atmosphere, without exhaust gases, dust, pollen, etc.: HengYou cabin filters ensure a healthy and hygienic atmosphere in the vehicle and thus enhance drivers' ability to concentrate.
    Regularly changing the cabin filter is necessary to ensure permanent functionality of the air conditioning system. The rule of thumb is at least once a year, and many drivers change them twice a year. This not only protects the air quality in the vehicle, but also reduces flow resistance and thus the load on the fan motor. HengYou cabin filters filter approximately 100 percent of pollen, dust, other allergens, and odors such as exhaust gases out of the air. This ensures a hygienic atmosphere in the vehicle and helps the driver remain alert and concentrated.
  • Oil Filters
    Advantages our oil filters offer you:
    High contaminant Retention | Pressure and temperature resistance | Precise processing | Precision fit for easy assembly | Pulse resistance
    Higher performance and less wear: HengYou oil filters clean the oil circuit of contaminants efficiently and are particularly robust, durable, and service-friendly.
    Modern combustion engines have to do more and more - and therefore should always be well lubricated. Depending on the application, several hundred liters of oil are pumped through the motor circuit every minute to reduce friction on moving parts and prevent premature wear of pistons, connecting rod bearings, etc. This process depends not only on the quality of the lubricant, but also on the performance of the oil filter. Even under the most demanding conditions, HengYou filter inserts ensure optimal filtration, maximum flow, and longevity. A special service advantage: they can be changed easily, quickly, and cleanly. Only the insert has to be replaced, which takes only a few simple steps - a boon for the environment as well, as the volume of waste produced through maintenance is reduced sustainably.
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